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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sophenia Synthesis Malbec 2009, impressive and punchy Malbec Tupungato

Sophenia, Synthesis Malbec 2009, By Finca Sophenia, USD 38

A malbec from Tupungato Valley,(part of Uco Valley) Mendoza
Quite concentrated with black fruits and much,much oak like cocconut and chocolate with a moderated toast. For sure attractive to the palate of almost anyone. I might say this is a oak saturated malbec but I must also recognize. I refilled my cup with this wine. A 92 point malbec easy to bash and probably the first empty bottle on the reunion. A good value though. I guess it´ll turn weird after 4 years old when the fruit level down a little bit.

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  1. Great to high quality. Wines which offer top quality, some flair and customarily great typicity.