Alto Valle de Rio Negro

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black River, Malbec 2004, From Northpatagonia a founder Malbec

Black River, Malbec 2004, By Humberto Canale. USD 15 (UK) to 43 (Belgium)

A softly oaked malbec from Rio Negro Province in Northpatagonia. A fully expressed malbec from Patagonia showing dry fruits like prunes,dry figs and black cherries compoted. Good acidity and alcohol keep the structure. Not a concentrated neither a complex wine even attractive. An 87 points malbec that should go around 10 bucks at the US market standard to be a great Argentinian value. It probably reached its best 4 to 6 years from vintage

Bodega Humberto Canale is the first winery to export Patagonian Malbec to the world and now has expanded its wines from Diego Murillo, to Intimo, Estate and Grand Reserve series. 

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